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Japanese Shoothing PAIMORE


This is an imported method from Japon which consists of a diagnostic of the hair to decide the products to use (depending on the hair thickness, or if it has dyes or wicks… Is treated in different ways and with different products) and the treatment.

Obtaining by this method a texture of a uniform hair and perfectly straight.




Can Paimore manage with all types of curls?

Yes, the curl is not a problem. The composition of products focuses on the internal structure of the hair heat from the centre of the same to the outside, eliminating the form completely.

How long will last the Paimore smoothing?

It is definitive, the treated area with the smoothing does not return to curl up ever. Obviously the hair growing will be born with its original form and can be retouched from 5-7 months, depending on the type of curl and hair.

Can it be done on coloured hair?

Yes, if the hair is kept in a good condition. It can be applied on hair that has carried out dyes, color baths, reflections, wicks or other smoothed.

Can the Paimore smoothing damage my hair?

The wide variety of products which consists of this smoothing allows you to choose the product depending on the type of hair to treat: natural, fine, thick, dyed, with reflections, wicks, etc. , with the maximum protection of the hair at all times.

What makes the hair so smooth?

The quality of the Paimore products employed and used by trained hands guarantee success. The followed technique during the process fixes the form completely by closing the cuticle of the hair leaving each hair sealed from root to tip, providing an excellent brightness and texture.

Can the smoothing be done to a boy with short hair?

The process of Paimore smoothing passes by a key moment when heat is applied using ceramic irons which secure the form. A long as the minimum length is of 5cm there will be no problem.

When the smoothing finishes, will my hair remain volume?

The Paimore smoothing polishes hair to hair any volume or unwanted frizz and works from the root to achieve this, what makes that during 2-3 weeks there is a feeling of having less hair or less hair volume. Past that time the birth of the hair moves 3-5 mm, enough to lift the root of the same and provide more body.

Some time ago I had a smoothing, where is the difference?

Until now, the smoothing products consisted of a single product which smoothed and at the same time gave the shape (with plates or combing it in straight position) this decreased the force of these functions, because the components took energy from each other. With the new Paimore smoothing we use a product for each type of hair splitting each step and allowing it to make its function its own way: the first product is the one in charge of modifying the initial form. After, we give the new straight form with the ceramic iron. Finally, the product which will seal the work of the iron so the smoothing remains definitively is applied.

I made a styling but now I want to return to the straight hair. Could I make the smoothing?

The smoothing can manage with any curl, even with the styling. But it is very important to take into account the condition of the hair and the previous care. If a hair is punished or damaged by previous styling, it must be consolidated, and perform treatments of reconstruction and wait for it to return to a good condition.

What happens if I am not happy with the straight hair?

This smoothing is reversible, past a few weeks you can make a styling to return to the curl. Anyway we recommend the smoothing to people who really don't feel comfortable with its curl, shape or volume, because the smoothing causes a marked change in our hair, compared to what we were accustomed: your hair becomes totally straight completely losing curl and unwanted forms.

What if I want the tips then marked up?

Any natural smooth hair needs the help of the styling to achieve certain forms: for example, the ringlets are achieved with tweezers, loops with rollers and the tips marked inward or outward with a hair dryer and brush. When smoothing, the hair becomes straight as natural hair and therefore these forms should be worked.

How long should I wait to get the colour?

The last colour should be made for at least 15 days before making the smoothing and the next at least 15 days after the smoothing. To make wicks you must wait about 4 weeks. This is due to the fact that the dyes open the flake of the hair to make the colour penetrate and after the smoothing it is convenient to wait a few days so that the hair stabilizes and its flake returns to its original straight position.

What are the benefits of this smoothing in comparison to the rest that are on the market?

  • This smoothing is entirely "made in Japan" comes directly from Japan, passing the more severe health controls.
  • It is applicable for coloured hair or with wicks, even with previous styling.
  • It is reversible, past a few weeks styling can be made to return to the curl.
  • Takes care of your hair in an incredible way.
  • It adds shine to the hair.

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